Glass Printmaking

 When first introduced to etching as an art form, I was hesitant to attempt it. Scratching out line after line in a sheet of glass to produce an image seemed a bit excessive when pens and pencils were available. However I quickly fell in love with the lines and atmosphere created in the prints.


By combining different materials and mediums that I had learned over the years, I started creating simple jewelry pieces, mostly for gifts. As my my enjoyment of making these smaller pieces grew, so did my skill.              

The Staff

An important aspect of having an artful business is understanding and drawing support from the communities of other artists that done what you are trying to do, and done it well. 

Learning from their experiences can help you to plan your own course of action and overcome obstacles you might never had considered.


Clay was the first medium that I truly felt connected and capable with. It allowed me to feel connected physically with what I was working on and truly be as tactile as I wanted to be. 

The Community 

The Products


Expertise: Jewelry and Accessory Craft

Years of experience: 2

And I

Expertise: Ceramic Sculpture
Years of Experience: 4

My Business Plan

 Creating a platform to produce and sell your work is an important part of any artist's business plan. There are multiple spaces that exist online that cater specifically to artists. There are also hundreds of galleries and  boutiques across the country available. It's just a matter of finding the space for you.

Olivia Stifel

Expertise: Business Management
Years of experience: Just Starting Out


Expertise: Glass Etching

Years of Experience: 2