My Latest Works

I work in a plethora of different mediums, often switching or combining different ideas between mediums to allow for a natural exploration of each idea. 

I try to never hide the materials I use in my art, rather instead highlighting each craft and allowing the components to show. 

My Art  

Hello my name is Olivia Stifel and I am currently working towards my Bachelor's of Fine Art at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University.  

I grew up surrounded by art and artistic people of all genres, and hope that I can grow to participate in my local artistic community as well as world-wide.



My Project 

Upon beginning the start-up of my own business, I noticed that there were few resources out for artists that addressed both the online aspect of selling art as well as having work in physical retail spaces. Thus I am in the process of creating a business guide for up-and-coming artists that would direct them in both forums.